Costa NeoRomantica

Launched: January 2011
GRT: 53049 tons


Costa NeoRomantica

Costa neoRomantica (formerly Costa Romantica) is a cruise ship for Costa Crociere completed 1993 as a sister ship to Costa neoClassica and was refurbished in 2003. Her public rooms are decorated with rare woods, Carrara marble, and millions of dollars in original works of art. Her decks are named for well-known European cities: Montecarlo, Madrid, Vienna, Verona, Paris, London, Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

In November 2011, Costa Romantica underwent a €90 million refurbishing. Two new half decks were added as a part of the refurbishment. This increased the gross tonnage of the ship from 53,000 to 56,769 tons. After the refurbishing, the ship was renamed neoRomantica and started her first journey with the new name on March 2012.

Works on Costa neoRomantica has been standard dry-dock operations: general repair, maintenance, refitting, and painting.


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