USS Mount Whitney

Launched: December 2020
GRT: 18.500 tons


USS Mount Whitney

The project in numbers:

  • 18.500 tons weight, 189 mt long by 33 mt wide: measurements of USS Mount Whitney.
  • 300.000: total hours worked to complete the work.
  • 200: average number of workers engaged each day on board the ship.
  • 148: number of days the ship was laid up, 109 of which were in dry-dock.
  • 33 tons weight, 15 mt length and 570 mm diameter: measurements of the stern tube shaft, removed, refitted in drydock, transported to our workshop, machining the sleeves and the flange.
  • 33 tons weight, 15 meters length and 600 mm diameter: propeller tail shaft characteristics aligned in workshop with stern tube shaft, installing new fitted coupling bolts.
  • 28 tons weight and 6 mt diameter: measurements of the disassembled and reassembled rudder and propeller.
  • 2.400 m2: flight deck area restored and certified.

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