Ursa Major

Launched: December 2018
GRT: 1.855 tons


Ursa Major

Ursa Major, owned by the company Arcelor Mittal Maritime, arrived at San Giorgio del Porto’s shipyards the summer of last year, following a fire that damaged different parts of the ship, including the engine rooms, the lodgings and the navigation bridge, while the boat was sailing in the waters close to Gioia Tauro (Calabria).

The refitting process, managed by San Giorgio del Porto, lasted almost 18 months and involved 50 people among technicians, workers and engineers. Since Summer 2017, several operations have been completed:

  • Strip out of the burned parts
  • Complete rebuilding of the engine rooms and replacement of the systems and machinery
  • Rebuild of all the lodgings, the freezing cells, the hospital and the kitchen
  • Revision and rebuilding of the navigation bridge
  • Refurbishment of the electrical and air conditioning systems
  • Replacement of the compromised iron components

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