Saipem Castoro Sei

Launched: January 2013
GRT: 32.506 tons


Saipem Castoro Sei

The Castoro Sei provides a safe, reliable and stable operating platform capable of laying subsea pipelines up to 60 inches in diameter, with additional facilities for offshore construction works and flotel capability. Optional piggyback and dual-lay configurations ensure that the Castoro Sei is capable of installing complex infield pipeline systems in addition to major trunkline systems. The Castoro Sei has an extensive track record of sustained high productivity in both shallow and deep water conditions on major trunkline projects, together with an impressive list of infield projects.

The SGdP project concerned:

  • Total removal of the asbestos from all the accommodation areas.
  • Restore the presence of common areas.
  • Increase the number of cabins two people capacity.
  • Installation of new PAGA system.
  • Re-design the accommodation area and changing room according to NMA rules.
  • Replacement of all fresh, grey and black water lines.
  • Replacement of conditioning air ducts and related n.2 AC stations in side accommodation.
  • A&R winch renewal (190 tons) using floating crane after: helideck removal  (25x25 m.), technical opening on roof of cathedral (15x16 m.), line up shoes  (80 tons) removal, storage winch (50 tons) renewal.
  • New plants (fresh water, sea water, oil, air and electrical) realization for new A&R winch and Storage winch.
  • Removal of the n.2 thrusters starboard side (120 tons each), landing ashore for overhauling and refitting in place.

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