Lewek Constellation

Launched: December 2016
GRT: 48.881 tons


Lewek Constellation

Lewek Constellation is an ultra deepwater rigid & flexible pipelay. 178 meters long and 46 meters wide, Constellation is designed to deliver complex projects in a safe, efficient and reliable manner in water depths exceeding 3,000 metres. Lewek Constellation is an ice class, DP3, multi-lay vessel with heavy lift capabilities. It has superior manoeuvrability and a high transit speed with a multi-lay system that can support both rigid and non-rigid pipelines. The vessel has a 3000mT heavy lift crane. Vessel delivery is scheduled for Q2 2013 and it will be ready for operation, after fitting the 3000mT crane and MLS, in Q2 2014.

The SGdP project consisted of main maintenance operations of the vessel:

  • Manufacturing and installation of Carousel interface grillage on main deck
  • 3.000 ton Main crane boom wire renewal in cooperation with Owner technicians
  • Overhaul of various machinery and equipment such as hydraulic pumps, refrigeration units, lube oil coolers, etc.

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