Yard Activities

A long tradition in the passenger shipping sector, proven experience in commercial vessels, off-shore platforms and supply ships

SGdP has a long tradition of repair and conversion of all types of ships. Thanks to its position in the Port of Genoa and its proximity to a major Mediterranean cruise terminal, the company has focused over the years mainly on the passenger ship segment (cruise liners and ferries), having completed numerous important projects and gained vast experience in that area.

Over the past 30 years, the shipyard has developed into every segment of the market, ranging from commercial vessels such as cargo ships, tankers, LNG/LPG carriers to military vessels and large offshore units. Against the backdrop of an ever-changing market and the tendency of shipowners to build increasingly large vessels, the shipyard decided to take over larger facilities, namely Chantier Naval de Marseille, in France.

The proximity of these shipyards, to two of the most important cruise terminals in the Mediterranean, and yard vast experience gained over the past nearly 100 years of history and its broad range of facilities and dry-docks (dry-dock No. 10 in Marseille is 465 m long and 85 m wide) allows SGdP and CNdM to complement each other in every type of project, even the most complex, and to handle any type of vessel, whether It be super-sized containers for offshore platforms or large LNG and passenger ships.

Passenger Vessels

Cruise Ships and Ferries

SGdP is a specialist in repair and refurbishment operations on cruise vessels, specific works on pods or modifications for compliance with new rules or greener/fuel-efficient operations. These works have been a routine part of the yard’s operations for many years. The shipyard provides a service tailored to the needs of the cruise industry and always ensure successful and timely execution of the work. A dedicated engineer/ship manager is in charge of the execution of the project and makes sure that the work is performed in an efficient manner.

As regards passenger ships, CNdM holds vast experience and operates in a specialized environment, providing owners and managers with the full range of services required to carry out regular dockings, retrofits, conversions, specialized work on pods or modifications involving compliance with new rules or greener/fuel efficient operations. Those works have been part of the everyday activities of the yard’s owners for years.

Commercial Ships

Tankers, Cargo & RO/RO

SGdP offers unmatched services to the commercial maritime sector including maintenance, repairs, refits/upgrades and conversions to a wide array of commercial vessels (tankers, cargo, RO/RO and containers ship). Normal dry-docks and also complex refits are undertaken on a regular basis; the shipyards have full array of skills and facilities to deal with any type

equirement including steel repairs and renewals; manufacture, installation of replacement or new cargo handling equipment, main and auxiliary engine strip down and over-haul; steering gear, deck, shafting and propulsion machinery repairs and renewals; blasting, coating and material preservation and offshore equipment installations.


Specialized gas tanker market

SGdP aims to boost their markets share on this specialized market where their strong points (reliability, timely deliveries, expert project management) meet the exacting needs and priorities of the LNG business, with the aim of delivering superior service. The shipyard has the certification and trained staff able to operate on these specific vessels.

A supportive workforce and the engineering staff are consolidating a strong experience in the repair of LNG and they are qualified by GTT to manage LNG membrane type repairs.

They offer the full range of specialized activities, including membrane tank testing, cryogenic piping, valve and pump overhauls through our carefully selected qualified service providers and extensive network of subcontractors. The shipyards maintain a strong relationship with European repair experts and suppliers of materials for LNG containment systems.

Off Shore Vessels

Special purpose and offshore vessels

With ample storage spaces/capacities and good lifting capacity, SGdP shipyards can achieve mobilization and demobilization of offshore construction vessels. The company ensures that the safety/quality standards are observed during the ship repairing works and its team is used to work on challenging and high demanding projects.

The shipyards can achieve efficient conversions of specialized vessels of the offshore oil & gas industry, cable layers, seismic survey vessels, survey and diving support vessels, derricks and pipe lay barges and maintenance of their specific equipments.

Navy Ships

Complex operations on Navy combat ships

SGdP has the know-how required to tackle the repair and maintenance of Navy combat ships. These operations include: elimination of bulges, replacement of PRC decking, redesign of shared technical environments

(galleys, kitchens and storerooms) according to SOLAS / ABS standards, boiler repair, maintenance and specific preservation of flight decks for aircraft carriers.