Shipyard Facilities

San Giorgio del Porto is located in a strategic area with access to nearby services and close to Genoa city center

The shipyard is located in the core of the port of Genoa, in the ship repair area. This area spans a surface of 425,000 sq. meters and 2,710 meters of quays, ensuring good availability of space, including three main zones, concentrated in the east of the Old Port: Calata Gadda, Molo Giano and the Levante area, including Calata Boccardo and Le Grazie.

In the area, there are more than 50 companies that provide a full range of services for all aspects of repair, electrochemical and electronics jobs, as well as services such as carpentry and design workshops, hull cleaning, painting, sandblasting, flooring and sanitary facilities.

The shipyard, strategically located, is situated next to the headquarters of ABB and Wartsila, which are major partners of SGdP. The yard is 10 minutes away from the airport and well connected to main highways.

The city of Genoa has a major historical center and was nominated as European Capital of Culture in 2004. Genoa offers many historical buildings, especially those located in the famous Via Garibaldi, and a large numbers of museums. The coastline featuring Golfo Paradiso and Portofino are well known all around the world.

The Ligurian city offers also a variety of attractions ranging from the Genoa Aquarium in Porto Antico to many beautiful and amazing restaurants situated in its narrow historical streets.

Yard in Numbers

The San Giorgio del Porto infrastructure in Genoa, Italy.
Facilities and key figures.

Total surface 31.107 sqm
Covered surface 8.200 sqm
Equipped workshops with systems, machineries and lifting means for working plates and profiles 3.200 sqm
Area for realization / repair of hull parts (pre-fabrication and outfitting) 7.000 sqm
Store (materials of outfitting inside/outside enfìgine room) 1.210 sqm
Personnel facilities 250 sqm
Canteens, changing rooms, structures all suitable according to healthe requirements, environmental respect and safety. 7.000 sqm
Cranage Mobile crane: 1x100t
Mobile shore crane: 3x15t / 1x20t / 1x30t
Dockside rail cranes: 1x7t / 2x10t / 1x12t / 1x20t / 1x30t / 1x40t
Pier "Ex-superbacino" 373m


The shipyard’s in-house workshops allow San Giorgio del Porto to act as general contractor in all activities.

Mechanical Workshop

SGdP offers numerous mechanical workshops that focus on such activities as repair, overhaul, fitting, adjusting, machining, milling, boring, submerged arc, welding metal spraying/cladding, rebushing, testing and redelivery onboard. The mechanical workshop is run by the affiliated F&O Ivaldi & Generale, specialized in revamping diesel engine parts and special welding, a company with extensive ship repair experience dating back to 1954. Testing, research and laboratory analysis allow the company to stay abreast of ongoing technological developments. SGdP owns three lathes, boring machines, milling, grinding machines, allowing it to carry out all kinds of repair work, while providing greater assistance and technological input.

Pipe and Steel Workshop

The workshop can fabricate steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, copper pipes, etc., and the machines are capable of cold bending and semi-automatic welding of pipes. Certified welders can weld every kind of pipes: for cargo lines, boilers and hydraulic systems. The steel workshop is equipped with overhead cranes, a heavy and light steel shop, new plants and hydraulic circuits. The yard can also manufacture steel blocks in its equipped covered area. A covered fabrication area of around 2,000 sq meters is equipped with overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 20 tons. It can easily be reached by floating crane and barge in case heavy structures need to be handled.


SGdP provides a sheltered area and an open ground storage area up to 1,210 sq. meters that are available for owners’ spare parts and equipment: this is particularly interesting for conversions and refurbishments of passenger vessels.

Dry Docks & Berths

The port of Genoa is the only facility in the Mediterranean equipped with systems for treatment of waste water discharged from ship repair operations.

SGdP operates five dry-docks capable of receiving vessels up to 275 mt and a 373-meter mooring pier with a depth of 18 mt. The dry-docks, managed by Genoa Port Authority, are provided with a travelling crane (up to 40t), mooring winches and are also covered by three berth cranes with a capacity of 20 tons each.

The dry-docks are provided with a powerful pumping station for de-watering the docks as well as with pipelines for seawater, fresh water, compressed air, etc. The facility has a 50 Hz 220V/380V lighting and electric power supply.

Dry Dock N. 1

Sizes: 170m x 24,30m x 7,60m

Vessels up to 20.000 GRT

Dry Dock N. 2

Sizes: 108/68m x 16m x 6,60m

It is divided in two sections by two intermediate gates and it can accommodate small vessels in its internal section and vessel up to 7.000 GRT in its external section.

Dry Dock N. 3

Sizes: 200m x 30m x 9,03m

It can accommodate vessels up to 30.000 GRT.

Dry Dock N. 4

Sizes: 267m x 40m x 11,40m

It can accommodate vessels up to 80.000 GRT.

Dry Dock N. 5

Sizes: 249m x 38m x 8,90m

It can accommodate vessels up to 80.000 GRT.

Mooring Pier

All the berths are fully equipped to accommodate vessels to be moored for repairs. The total berth length is about 1.150 linear meter with an average draft of 10 m. deep. N. 3 berth cranes with a capacity each cranes of and n. dry-dock cranes with a capacity each cranes of are available.