San Giorgio del Porto

Top Quality Service and Experienced Workforce Since 1928:
90 Years of Naval History

San Giorgio del Porto S.p.A. (SGdP) is a legacy shipyard with advanced facilities, having operated in the ship repair industry since 1928. Nowadays, SGdP is a global point of reference for the repair and conversion of all ship types, ro-pax vessel upgrades, as well as mid-range vessel construction projects. The shipyard’s portfolio includes famous clients and prestigious worldwide owners.

The yard employs about 140 people and with its staff of naval architects, mechanical engineers, skilled workers and its emergency response teams of specialized technicians, can offer assistance to vessels worldwide. With qualified personnel and a skilled labor force, San Giorgio del Porto’s aim has always been to continue to meet the high expectations of Customers. All repairs and conversions are carried out in accordance with the rules of all Classification Societies, most of which have offices in Genoa.

The SGdP yard is located close to the downtown area and the airport, with hotels within walking distance, offering customers easy transfers, saving them time and money.

Directly connected to highway, the yard is next to the town center and to the Cristoforo Colombo Airport (9 km). SGdP, together with its sister company CNdM - Chantier Naval de Marseille, operates eight dry-docks and over 2 km of equipped repair quays. The shipyard is capable of handling the largest vessels and is perfectly positioned to support the needs of the maritime, offshore and renewable energy sectors, providing specialized service and assistance 24/7/365.

History of the Shipyard

Legacy shipyards with advanced facilities, with operations in the ship repair industry since 1928

San Giorgio del Porto is a Genoa-based shipyard that was founded in 1928 as a ship maintenance workshop and foundry by Ferdinando Garrè, who went by the same name as the current CEO.

Due to bombing that destroyed the workshops during World War II, the shipyard was forced to relocate to northern Italy, where it engaged in the production of agricultural equipment. Only after the end of the war, was SGdP able to return to Genoa, where the shipyard expanded its range of activities over the years to include vessel reconversion.

While in the early years, the shipyard focused primarily on routine maintenance and repair operations (engaging in three main types of activity: mechanical, metal carpentry, and structural engineering), a glorious decade began after the war was over, in the 1950s.

SGdP used to specialize in propeller drive shafts and frequently had to work without tools that could substitute human efforts. Thus, it was often necessary to move huge weights by hand, or at best using hoists.

This is a time when the shipyard was involved in an area that up until then was little known, i.e. the transformation of vessels. In this way, the company worked at a steady pace until the 1980s.

After the shipbuilding industry entered a crisis, the company experienced evolution as the range of operations changed and became more challenging. For this reason, SGdP decided to focus on advanced engineering, as well as safety and environmental issues, as well as new business segments.

Thanks to 90 years of experience and a staff consisting of naval architects, mechanical engineers, a highly skilled workforce and emergency response teams trained by specialized technicians, San Giorgio del Porto is nowadays a top-notch Mediterranean shipyard capable of assisting any type of vessel (cruiser, offshore, chemical and gas carrier, military ship, etc.) all over the world.

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GIN - Genova Industrie Navali

Genova Industrie Navali: a reliable naval Pole in the Mediterranean able to fulfil every need of superyachts and ships up to 465 m.

The Genova Industrie Navali Holding Company is the product of an agreement between the San Giorgio del Porto Company (an important name in ship repairs), and Mariotti Company (specialising in the construction of ultra-luxury vessels) which, coincidentally, both share the same place and date of founding: Genoa (Italy), 1928.

Formed in 2008, this holding company, which is constituted solely of private companies, has the important role of coordinating and developing the activities of all the maritime companies directly affiliated with it.

Since its foundation, its shared strategy has been to allow each company to continue to act independently within its own market, without making changes to any of their individual characteristics.

With a medium total production value of 211 million euros, 500 employees, 260,000 square meters of available facilities, 2,828 meters of quay, 5 dry-docks in Genoa and 3 dry-docks in Marseille, Genova Industrie Navali is one of the most important shipbuilding and repair groups in the entire Mediterranean Basin.

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